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Hi Friends! My name is Jessica, creator of j.may.clay! Thank you SO much for stopping by my teeny part of the internet. It’s no secret that I love earrings - the bigger the better. But there is more to our small business. We want you to feel loved, encouraged and reminded that you matter & that you are SO very loved!


“There is gold in every part of your story”…


These words changed how I looked at life.

It’s easy to look at all of our broken pieces and think that’s the end. I’ll always be a broken, shattered mess with bloody hands from trying to pick up the pieces time and time again BUT the truth is that we are called to drag our wound drenched souls through the trenches in order to find the light that God has for you and others through your story.

We hope for days without hurt, without pain, but when we stay in that place, we miss all of the gold that is ahead.

Let your life light someone’s darkness.


There is beauty in the brokenness.